Monday, January 4, 2010

December 26th - SAO FILIPE

Black sand beach.
View of Brava.
"Beach" toys.

December 26th - A Jewish X-Mas minus the movies and Chinese Food

The day after hiking up the volcano, we then went down into Mosteiros. A four-five hour walk downhill through the "green" side. The guys are standing in front of the President's house. Sure a couple managed to crash the White House dinner, but were they offered fresh manioc?

I decided to test my ability to carry my two bags over long distances. It all went well until the last forty minutes or so. We finally hit the "paved" road and I took a digger like I haven't taken since Shea's birthday party fiasco. On the plus side, I just about made it and feel all that much tougher for it. Forca!

We hung out in Mosteiros for a few days. Mosteiros gets a bad rap, but I liked it. It reminded me of Santo Antao. Probably some of the most relaxing days I've had since I've come here. For the weekend we headed back to the city.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


December 22nd - FOGO

For my last PC vacation before COS (Completion of Service) I headed south to the island of fire. All dramatic exaggerations aside, I went to Fogo.

Fogo is known for coffee, crazies, and wine, but most importantly for being home to a volcano that last erupted in 1995... After the last eruption, Cape Verde prohibited people from living in the crater. Today the crater is home to a few hundred people, a few pensao, a local winery, and overall good times.

From the main city in Fogo, São Filipe, we went up to Chã das Caldeiras.

The next day we climbed up Pico do Fogo volcano. I looked it up and it's a climb of about 1,000 meters at a 30-40 degree slope. It takes three to four hours to climb and less than an hour to descend. Basically you run down during the descent.