Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th - A QUICK STORY...

OK so my friend Brett has this big old uncle. His uncle is apparently a little "backwards". Anyways during a family wedding, the uncle starts telling them all about this girl he met. Apparently he had started dating a 24 year. Brett's wondering, what the hell is going on that a 24 year old would want to date his old, crazy uncle. So the uncle is telling them that "she didn't finish school or nuttin', but she's a real smart wo-man". She divorced her husband and takes care of her two kids. Since he's had a few drinks, he decides it's a good idea to start to tell them about the crazy sex they have. Well, one time he's hooking up with his girlfriend and he sees a seashell tattoo on her inner thigh. He asks her if it represents anything and she tells him that if he puts his ear to it, he'll hear the sea. The uncle puts his ear to it, and said "I sure didn't hear the ocean, but I sure could smell the fish!"

Thought you'd like that joke. Definitely jacked it from Brett, but it's worth sharing.

Some pics from the festa.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 14th - DIA DE MINDELO

The city celebrated it's 130th anniversary. It was a pretty big deal. During the celebration, Tito Paris (an amazing Cape Verdean artist) performed, and they even had another big fireworks show. Pretty incredible.

These are pictures taken from my balcony of the fireworks and of Mount Cara. See the face? Don't you want to pick his nose?

April 10th - TARRAFAL

What we looked like after the truck ride.

It seems to be a requirement for all volunteers, so here it is: a picture of me and little kids. Eat your hearts out.

April 10th - TARRAFAL

Probably the most secluded place I've ever been to. To get there you have to take a hiace along an unpaved road for three hours out of the port town. You drive through desolate, barren land and mountains, and at the end you hit the long black sand beach and a small town nestled in a green valley. Unbelievable. Truly.


Happy Easter!

Thanks to Fritzer I was able to indulge in some cadbury mini-eggs to celebrate the holidays. Apparently they came out with dark chocolate eggs this year? Crazy. I'm a fan of the milk chocolate. Do not confuse the mini-eggs with the big ones filled with grossness. Mini-eggs are hands down the best candy out there, and I have to admit I was a little sad I wouldn't be able to hit up CVS to stock up.

I travelled on over to S.Antao for the break. We stayed in the Port Town and grilled before heading out on the three hour off-road drive to Taraffal. In Porto Novo the big attraction was Gus Gus, Dove and Josh's new puppy.

May 5th - BAIA

Walked to Baia with Cathryn, Darron, and Laurie. We walked about an hour and a half or two, before Darron and Cathryn caught up with us in a bolea. I've never been one to say no to a free ride, especially if the guy offers candy.

As always, a day at the beach was a nice treat. I'm recovering from another ear infection, so I couldn't swim, but it was still worth the trek.

These pics are actually from when we went a few months back, but you get the picture.

April 5th - MOUNT INGLES

Got up early and hiked with the group around Mount (Mante?) Ingles. It's near the base of Mount Verde.