Thursday, November 20, 2008


Since the whole family is away on vacation, and I will miss the e-mails and phone calls in the meantime, I feel the need to post some random tidbits. If it's anything like the last vacation I missed, I'm sure I'll be hearing plenty.

During one recent conversation my Mom asked me about my 'dating' life (in reality more like the lack of...). Regardless, her advice to me was to 'just remember, don't bring home any souvenirs'. It’s only a little disarming when your Mom tells you not to get pregnant. Aside from the massive amounts of random and unprotected sex that I’ve been having, I’m pretty sure that getting knocked up is not something I’ll be worrying about anytime soon.

In another phone conversation she started telling me about her new bestie that works at the Post Office. At some point she dropped the fact that she thinks he is from Nairobi because that's part of his screen-name. Aside from being amazed she knows what a screen-name is, when I asked why she had his screen-name. Apparently he is interested in Cape Verde and would like to 'correspond' with me. Of course this leads to the usual, “he seems nice and safe, but then maybe I just gave your information to someone who may be POSTAL”... - oh my Mom and her ability to crack herself up.

And just because she told me this three times now, I feel I should commemorate it on the blog. Apparently our little pissy paws is quite the handsome dog. The groomer, vet, and a couple of other people were all raving about how cute Mr. Riley is. So now instead of being called "little shit" or "pissy paws", he's now been promoted to "come on good lookin'". I should mention that "little shit" in my family is generally accepted as a term of endearment. I also feel the need to make it known that we all adored Riley well before people complimented him on his good looks.

In other family news, my Dad and his friend Rob have been volunteering to help restore the oldest ship that was made in New York. It’ll sail the Hudson River for the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's journey up the river. Sounds awesome, and knowing what my Dad is capable of I wanted to see pictures. My Dad told me they have some posted online at I go to check it out, and the website is for some foreign band. Nothing against foreign bands, but I was expecting something a little more along the nautical lines. I tried unsuccessfully to google it, but couldn't figure out if he means the Half Moon, or some other ship. I'll keep you posted once I figure this out. My Dad did tell me that while they were repairing one of the beams he wrote Kathy and Jim in a heart, “you know, my trademark”. It’s so cute I almost vomited in my mouth.

I definitely get hit by the sodade on occasion (how could I not), but ...
“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.” - Kurt Vonnegut

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Every kids dream.

Seeing Pink - This building is  understandably referred to as the ‘Pink Palace’.  I've 

heard it also called the Presidential Palace and the old Camara.  Either way it looks Barbie's Mansion.

Over by the water there is a garden path that leads to Flostel - the best pizza/schwarma joint on the island.  

The next picture is the Avenue with the Camara.  This  block is the Mindelo equivalent of Fifth Ave.  Very upscale little boutiques and stores.  Cafe Mindelo complements the sentiment by serving as a very Euro and cute restaurant on the corner.   

The picture of the waterfront is the closest equivalent of the port looking in that I could get.  

As we continue the tour I'd like to remind passengers to keep all hands and heads inside the vehicle. 


I finally got around to taking some pics on my early morning two hour trek over the weekend. 
These first few are of the main 'praca'.  This is where Cathryn and I went after our first fake double date.  It's also where we go to get ice-cream or cotton candy (trust me I realize someone up there is showing us some love).  
Any night during the week, but especially on Sundays, everyone goes there to walk in circles around the park.  The capeira clubs and musicians also perform. It's pretty incredible, and absolutely out of the 1950's.  Amazing.
The yellow building is the new art museo that just opened up.  I haven't gotten around to checking it out just yet, but you better believe that I will.

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10th - "IN MY BEST CLOTHES"

Rockin' the vote from afar.
The run down of quick updates.

During Halloween everyone here dresses in all black.  I'm a little saddened that I missed out on Chris dressing up like a Chinese gymnast, Jess as Suri Cruise, or the Katy/Denise Price is Right combo, Nina as Joe the Plumber and Keith as Abe.  That's not even mentioning my parents costumes which are too inappropriate to share with all, but definitely incited a good amount of laughing on my end...  All in all it was still a good time complete with my first Cape Verde disco; strobe lights, head thumping music, and silly dancing all included.  

We watched the election (or most of it at least). I'm not allowed to comment on my political beliefs while here, but let's just say like milk, a change can do a body good.  

This weekend Cathryn and I had the unfortunate luck of seeing three people get hit by a car. The response was quick and last we heard they were taken to the hospital, so fingers crossed that it's just a few bumps and bruises.  

Today I somehow managed to burn a nice long and surprisingly painful mark down my arm. Luckily for me Cathryn is seriously the patron saint of hopeless and clumsy roommates.  Not only did she come with burn cream, but she has two tubes!  Seriously her bags are of the Mary Poppins style.  I didn't even have half the stuff she has with her when I was living in the city.  Unless you have tried to pack up everything you may need for two years in two bags, it may be hard to appreciate this, but I swear to honesty that it's simply incredible.  

And BC beat ND.  All is good in the world as long as we have the Irish cup.  Eagles on the warpath! 

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3rd - "CASE OF THE MONDAYS"

I finally saw my first red stapler.  I know.  Hard to believe, but it's true. The sighting all started when I lost my Vinti4 (ATM) card.  Did you honestly think I could go more than two months before misplacing the damn thing?!  Anyways, I didn't even technically lose it because it was simply swallowed by the machine when I forgot to take it.  Two days later, when I realized that I didn't have the card, I went to the bank and there it was.  The red stapler.  I don't know if this would be anything all that special, but the guy behind the desk was the Cape Verdean equivalent of Milton.  Needless to say, I found my future bf.