Tuesday, April 6, 2010

E-mails from a few of my students from last semester...

In my 12 years of school you are the best teacher that i ever had thank you for your attencion be always like this a good person  that make us feel good and is good to learn with you kisses be happy - lorena

Hi teacher.
just want to tell you that I miss your classes.
Be cool, be the one.
I hope you're doing fine. - THE ONE

Nothing like getting those kind of e-mails to brighten any day!


My former students from the other campus invited me on a hike up Monte Verde. We left around 6AM and got home around 8PM. When I went to go to sleep I think my leg muscles had been replaced by something closer to jello. In typical CV fashion, they opted to hike up the mountain (2-3 hours) carrying a grill. The length that people go here for some hot food is admirable if not a little crazy. Needless to say we got to the top and realized no one had matches. Ooops. Good thing the troops have a little base up there and invited us in to use their kitchen...

I love the randomness of Cape Verde.


Cape Verdean's Women's Day! In the morning I went to a talk presented by my colleague Dra. Marina Ramos. In the afternoon I went to meet my friend and colleague Dominika's mother who had just arrived from Poland/Portugal and then in the evening after language club we saw some theater in the park. Overall a nice day!


Viktor left Cape Verde for Portugal. I met him through my colleague Dominika and I always got the best news updates from him (he was a reporter for a local newspaper). I learned more about Cape Verde's history from hanging out with Viktor than I could have ever known by reading a book.

March 13th - SAO PEDRO

During the break between semesters, we still had work, but only half-days. Absolutely heaven after a semester of 50 hour work-weeks.

We had a few visitors come through and when Jonny came through on work we took a Sunday afternoon to head out to the beach by the airport. Here are a few pictures of Nate, Lu, Jonny and I.

I'll post the hand-stand competition pictures from the day once I get them.