Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Santo Antao - Ponta Del Sol to Cha D'Igregia

A four to five hour walk along the coast from one town to another. Sick! Absolutely amazing. Not a tough walk either. My favorite part was definitely the "spider" town. This place is just too pretty. It hurts. It really hurts.

February 21st -Santo Antao

Jurassic Park exploded all up in this island.

Mildly funny story. As I was getting off the boat I got completely soaked by a wave that somehow came over the barrier. No big deal other than slight embarrassment about tramping around town dripping wet. Went to a volunteer house and put my stuff on their roof to dry. It ends up all over the place. Blanket in the street and jeans on the neighbors house type of winds.

AMAZING island. The first two days were a bit overcast, but the fog added a certain mystery when I travelled up to the northern area. Perfect weather to be a bit lazy and roam around town with my partner in crime Laurie. Obviously the last pic was taken after an afternoon in Paul at the grog and cheese guy. And to think that was just the beginning of the day. The last two days were clear as ever which worked out perfectly for some hiking. Nothing like sweating out all of my recent indulgences. I loved this island. Overall a solid mixture of hiking, relaxing, grog and cheesing.

February 15th - MONTE VERDE

Not so green at this time of the year, but still ridic. Very nice views. One of these days I'll see it on a clear day.

MINDELO - Cruisin' is made for love.

Mindelo looking all sorts of pretty thanks to some X-mas lights and my new life goal - a.k.a. cruise ship around the world. How sick is that? The other boat, the Armas, is the ferry to S. Antao. When it isn't next to the biggest ship I've ever seen, it's actually a pretty big ship itself. Woo wooo.

Monday, January 12, 2009


NYE. We are spelling out the initials of our islands. Dorks? Of course. You love it.


The white sand is blown across the ocean from the Sahara. Sick!


Monday, January 5, 2009


Dog's beach at midnight.
Fireworks legitimately right above our heads.
So ridic close that you can feel the explosions.
Following by dancing into the morning.
Drums in the Praca.
Parades through the streets.
A return to normalcy.

Sao Nicolau - Top Ten

In order of occurrence...

1. Upside down hug at the luncheonette with a man who previously cracked his head open.
2. WL anticipating our every move
3. Handstands at Multa
4. Seeing a dolphin leap out of the water and flip in the air.
5. Chase gliding down the hill
6. The secret santa dreidel and dolls
7. Olivia dancing in a santa mask
8. Making it to the peak of Monte Gorde
9. Explaining cold mice and fake rapes
10. Eric the mechanic

Sao Nicolau - CARIBINHA

I ate dirt and left a little DNA on one of the mini-hills. Full of grace.

Sao Nicolau - VILLA

Spits, getting the grill to work, the CV pose, cold mice, and of course a Newsweek work of art.

Sao Nicolau - MONTE GORDE

Seeing green for the first time in three months.

Sao Nicolau - Baicha de Rocha

Long walk - not quite death march to a secluded beach "under the cliff". Unbelievable. We saw a dolphin leap out of the water. We rolled down the sand hill. And Chase gracefully glided down the hill.