Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The public transportation from Maputo to Durban was surprisingly easy. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as easy so we spent our first day in South Africa heading to the mall to enjoy heavenly fountain sodas and getting a new phone charger. From Durban we went up to the Drakensberg Mountains. We stayed near the Sani Pass which leads up to Lesotho.

Whereas it had rained in Durban and along the coast, it had snowed in the mountains. Thanks to our amazing travel luck, the sun came out just as we were heading up there. Unfortunately it was still cold even with the rays, so we had to stop and stock up on fleeces.

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Jon said...

Well I guess a "Not Worth It" is better than a "Definitely Not Worth it"!

Do try the sequel to Dead Spy Running. It's called Games Traitors Play and is out in March.

Best, Jon Stock